Top Ten USA wholesale boutique clothing suppliers

Do you own a brand-new boutique based in the U.S.A? Are you looking for a top-quality wholesale boutique clothing supplier? We have carefully crafted a list of the top 10 best distributors to supply apparel at wholesale rates.

You can now browse through this list of best wholesale suppliers of the U.S.A. in your domain and choose the best one who can supply the world’s best brands to your boutique store. You can find a range of qualities and brands for men and women to choose from to decide the one suitable for your requirements quickly.

1. Styliafoe

If you target consumers of upper-class, high-end clothing and accessories, Styliafoe is an ideal choice that provides some of the world’s best luxury brands. It has a wide range of products readily available for shipping anywhere in the U.S. within 3-5 working days.

Styliafoe can become a priority supplier of wholesale boutique clothing for any of your requirements. It can accept payment through PayPal or BankTransfer, which is ideal for any dropshipping business. Rest assured about its prices. You will get the best deals ensuring hefty margins for you. Some wholesale products have discounts as high as 90%.

2. Aiden’s Corner

It is a fast-growing family business with a handmade and ideal range of clothing for babies. The wholesale supplier has established a superior position in the U.S. market in a short time. Its products target positioning in boutiques who have a marked preference for high-end quality products.

Alden’s corner believes in relationship marketing, and many boutiques already have cordial relations for a long time with this family-owned whole supplier. You must try this business, providing a range of perfect handmade products.

3. Private Label by Mex Apparel

With an affordable minimum order commitment of just 12 pieces, this is ideal for new boutiques who want to start small and make a big impression. Mex Apparel entered the market in 2016 with its clothing range called Private Label.

This supplier based in California provides apparel that is 100% made in the U.S.A. It is a good starting point for boutiques who are new entrants.

4. Bloom U.S.A.

If you need a supplier with fast delivery and quality products at lower wholesale prices, this is the one. Bloom U.S.A. products start from as low as $6 with a promise of same-day shipping. What more do you need? You cannot get a better option for the wholesale supply of boutique clothing.

5. The Mountain

It is the age of differentiation, and you need to be different to be visible and successful. The Mountain produces authentic “MADE IN THE USA” clothes using organic dyes. Its unique selling proposition is the variety of clothing, which gives you an edge over your competitors by offering outstanding designs every time.

With a staff strength of little over 200 and business experience of about 23 years, The Mountain can offer more than 1000 designs and 1 million pre-printed clothing range. That is impressive!

6. Chris & Carol

Here is Chris & Carol with its range of women clothing for boutiques that are 100% Made in the U.S.A., specifically in Vernon, California. With private labels, customized ratios, and designs, you can begin here without the need to look any further.

7. CCWholesaleClothing

CCwholesaleclothing has no minimum requirements. It is tough to find a wholesale supplier with such relaxed commitments and that too, with business experience of about ten years. It is ideal for new boutiques who are trying to strengthen their positions. This wholesale supplier also gives you options to diversify in other areas by offering wholesale rates for accessories, shoes, and cosmetics, etc. You can place an order with a minimum of one piece per product policy.

8. Mono B Clothing

Niche marketing is a sure-shot recipe for success in the clothing boutique business. If your focus is on women’s Activewear, leisurewear, athleisure, and fitness clothing, Mono B Clothing is the best choice. This sportswear supplier has manufacturing and marketing experience of about ten years with an affordable pricing tag.

9. GoodStuffApparel

GoodStuffApparel has a unique pricing policy of 10% off on first order, up to 75% discount on wholesale prices of all products, free shipping within the U.S.A., and 100% refund to unsatisfied boutiques without asking any questions. This type of policy gives you exceptional leverage in commanding better prices in the competitive apparel market.

M/s GoodStuffApparel purchases select quality products from U.S. producers and trade at wafer-thin margins.

10. Nikibiki

Small and medium-sized boutiques can place personalized orders at Nikibiki for niche women’s clothing. They specialize in tops, leggings, jumpsuits with plus sizes, and designer dresses. It is an ideal option for new entrants in the business.

A Special Mention: ALL USA Clothing

‘All U.S.A.’ brand of clothing comes with authentic Made in U.S.A. products at wholesale prices. It has a rich experience of 45 years in this business and provides a lower minimum order quantity option. It ranks as one of the best wholesalers of the U.S. with long term relationships with many companies. It seems a better choice if you want to deal only with original American apparel.