How Do Boutique Owners Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Any business owner who already has a boutique selling clothes or wishes to start one has to find first find wholesale suppliers of clothes for their stores. So boutique owners would like to find out what is the most effective way to source suppliers. It is observed that most of the boutique owners are searching for suppliers online, asking their friends and others for suggestions online and offline, or contacting clothing business owners using professional networking websites like LinkedIn. Retailing experts have noticed that it is advisable to sell branded clothes since this is usually more profitable compared to selling cheaper clothes.

Finding wholesale suppliers for clothes

Search engines: While it is easy to use the search engines like Google to find suppliers of clothes, the top-ranked companies may not offer boutique owners the best deal. In addition to excellent price, the right supplier is also in business for more than 5 years, and has regular clients. A new boutique should avoid dealing with an unstable business, placing orders may be risky.

Wholesale lots: These lots are preferred if the boutique is able to sell more branded clothes at very low prices. If these clothes are sold quickly, the wholesale lots can be extremely profitable. Finding the right supplier can greatly increase the opportunities, allowing the boutique owner to purchase larger quantities. Some companies are selling branded stock lots at prices which are 90% lower than the retail price.

Wholesale directories. There are several directories which list wholesalers worldwide, and these are one of the safest ways to find distributors and suppliers for clothes. These are specialized yellow pages which usually provide accurate information about the suppliers like their contact details, business information and also feedback from customers which boutique owners will be interested in. Doba, Dropshipvillage, Salehoo, Toptenwholesale, Wholesale central and worldwide brands are some of the most popular free and paid directories for wholesalers.

Styliafoe is one of the most reputed suppliers of branded wholesale clothing to boutiques worldwide. They have supplied quality branded accessories and clothes to hundreds of boutiques worldwide for more than a decade. Armani, Balmain, Chloe, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Galliano, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Moschino, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger and Prada are some of top fashion brands which Styliafoe is associated with.


Boutique owners prefer to purchase branded clothes from Styliafoe, because they offer the top collections from luxury brands, ship the clothes on time and are reliable. Their top clients who have online or offline stores are usually making $20,000 monthly or more. Some of the advantages of selling luxury brands are

– higher profits

– purchasing clothes of multiple brands from only one supplier.

– lower competition

– build a reputation for selling unique branded clothes

– clothes can be sold online by dropshipping

Many people are extremely fashion conscious and wish to wear clothes from the top fashion brands since they are well designed and manufactured using high-quality material. These fashion lovers are willing to spend more money on high-quality clothes both for office wear and special occasions. Hence they will prefer to visit a boutique which stocks the top fashion brands regularly and spend large amounts on quality clothes. Boutique owners can choose their personal favourite luxury brands and stock their clothes in the boutique. Armani, Versace are some of the most popular luxury fashion brands in most cities and towns

Selling well-known luxury branded products locally will help to improve the reputation of the boutique. It will be known as the reseller of the top luxury brands in the area and it will be linked with luxury products. This is an advantage for the boutique owner since he will not have to devote resources, especially money for advertising and marketing the boutique. Since there will be few or no other shops selling similar products in the town, there will be no competition, and the boutique owner will not have to worry about how to deal with the competition. Hence profit margins will also be higher.

Boutique owners can also register as drop shippers if they wish to sell clothes online and offline. Hence boutique owners looking for a reliable supplier for branded clothes at wholesale price should register with Styliafoe at the earliest to get the best deals and maximize their profit.