GUESS clothing

The history of GUESS

GUESS was founded in the year 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who moved from the south of France to pursue the American dream. Motived by a European mastery, the Marciano brothers reinvented denim. One among their first designs was a stonewashed and slim jean, the three-zipped Marilyn. Bloomingdale’s was the ever first retailer to receive the brand into the market by making an order of 2 dozen pairs of jeans. They were all bought from the shelves within just a few hours. This was the start of a lengthy triumph story.

GUESS within no time became a signature symbol of a young, intriguing, and daring lifestyle. Over the years, GUESS welcomed individuals to dream with its signature and perpetual advertising drives that turned little known people into renowned models. In the year 2004, the company broadened its horizons with a new retail postulation for its back then present-day collection known as Marciano. Marciano’s brand provides an on-trend collection made for women and men who are trend-setters. In the year 2007, the G by GUESS retail postulation was introduced, gathering its Southern California elegance from the Marciano brothers’ enthusiasm for the trendy, California way of life they so savored when they initially moved to America.

In the present-day times, GUESS is a candidly international lifestyle brand with a vast span of denim wear and complements availed in more than 80 countries all across the globe.

Who is the owners of GUESS

As earlier mentioned, GUESS was cofounded by the Marciano brothers. Georges Marciano initially began GUESS as his book of style. Georges then sought the help of his brother Maurice Marciano who was to assist in product development. Later, the other two Marciano brothers, Armand Marciano and Paul Marciano, joined Georges and Maurice, where Armand dealt with distribution, with Paul creating the advertisement. However, in the long run, there emerged issues among the brothers as George only wanted to sell their products only in the luxury stores.

On the other hand, the other three Marciano’s wanted a more extensive distribution plan. George continued with his resistance and there were factions within the company. He eventually sold his stake to his brother in the September of the year 1993. Armand Marciano then left the company in silence, following a medical leave. Later in the year 2015, Maurice Marciano retired from the company, which left Paul as the only Marciano on the company’s board. 

GUESS’s influence on the fashion industry

During the 80s, Guess was among the most renowned brands of denim jeans. GUESS was one among the first companies to make designer jeans. The first collection of jeans were designed for women. However, a men’s line was launched in 1983. In the year 1984, Guess launched its new brand of watches called the “GUESS”, “GUESS Steel”, and the “GUESS Collection”. The watch line exists in the modern-day. However, it exists under different product lines. Numerous other accessory subsidiaries have joined the watch line. In 1984 additionally, they launched a range of baby clothes, known as “Baby GUESS.” The line is currently integrated with clothes for babies and children known as GUESS kids. 

What is GUESS known for?

Guess is best known for several reasons. One among these reasons is the attractive adverts in which world-renowned features. Other things GUESS known for include: 

The Marciano brothers eventually left France for America to pursue their vision to become fashion designers. Their very first success story, and how the brand became renowned for their denim, was courtesy of Bloomingdale’s order for the first pairs of their jeans. The two dozens of pairs of jeans were cleared from the shelves within hours after being ordered.

Guess has got its generous share of controversies. With a severe sweatshop failure back in the 90s and then a cold-shoulder on one among their printed tee’s in early two thousand, the brand has had to do some vigorous pragmatic press, but it appears to have managed the controversies. 

Before the existence of Guess, designer jeans were unknown in retail stores. Clients did not seem to be any interested in letting others know which brand their pairs of jeans were, but the brand changed the narrative with their iconic brand logo and design. Guess may have been in existence for more than three decades, but there’s still a lot that is not known about this clothing and accessories brand. 

To this day, Guess has set up thorough programs to ensure acceptance of the employment and labor regulations. The company does not, in any way, support child labor and torture in any conformation and also is against human trafficking. GUESS is also renowned for keeping a safe and risk-free work surrounding that is applicable not only to the workers but to the ecological environment entirely. Supervisors are commissioned to oversee the entire workings of the company.

What’s Guess net worth?

Currently, the company’s worth is estimated to be at about 574 million US dollars, according to the net worth post. 

Indeed From its very first days of inception, Guess has been successful in commanding the attention of its loyal clients. The excellent quality of the products has always been the Unique Selling Point of the company, and this is one significant aspect that has helped the brand entirely scale its higher levels. The hard work and commitment of the team members of the company are also worth noting as having helped take Guess to such a high level in the market.

Since its introduction back in the year 1981, and to date, the GUESS Company has employed more than fifteen thousand individuals all through different countries across the globe. The advertisement drives ran by the company assisted clients to familiarize themselves with the brand at an international scale, and therefore, within a very short period, Guess became a renowned brand of clothes and watches among the rich and luxurious fashion enthusiastic consumers.